4 tips for winning small stakes online poker tournaments

It can be lots of fun playing small stakes online poker tournaments. They are lucrative, at the same time, they can be frustrating when you are not winning. You can play these games with buy-ins as small as $1 to $10. Here are five tips to win these games.

1. Prepare for a long season

Games like this where small stakes are involved take several hours to complete. So, you should be prepared to play for a long time. You must be patient. You should make sure that it doesn’t hamper your work. So, only play those days when you have a holiday the next day, so you can stay awake the whole night.

2. Be ready for crazy swings

The variance in this game is huge. You will have to go through different opponents. Beating some of these opponents can be very tough. The outcomes may be very unpredictable. In the long run, this condition is favorable, but not in the short run.

3. Keep it simple

You shouldn’t run an elaborate bluff in the tournament. There are many opponents that only care about the cards in their hands. You should keep things simple. You should ensure that you get the most value from your made hands.

4. You don’t need to play a balanced style

Don’t listen to people who tell you to play a balanced style. You need to do it when you become really good at poker and play some higher level games.

These strategies will help you to be more successful small stakes online poker players. It can help you to turn your little money to some big wins.

Infographic by: www.upswingpoker.com

3 ways to make online casinos attractive for women

In the past, casinos were meant for men only. With time, now we have online casinos and women are getting interested in these games. Here are some ways online casinos can get more women gamblers.


In online casino games, itcasinosdoesn’t matter whether the gambler is male or female. Women can also enjoy gambling just like men. Women also work the whole day in office just like men and they also need something to relax and get rid of their stress. So, they can play online casino games but would prefer to be anonymous.

Boost female audiences

Casinos can have casino bonuses only for women. They can employ live male dealers to attract women. You can also create online spark ads that that speak to the female audiences directly.

Include games that women prefer

You can do some research and find out what games women like most. You can include those games in your site. You can also ask for suggestions from women players what games they would like to play. You can It’s a forum just for women where they can share their thoughts and gaming experiences.

Online casinos can get more players if they target women players as well. The young generation, in particular, is interested in gambling and you should attract this segment. Your site rating will increase if you have more players and it is a way to stay different from your competitors. Still, there are not many sites who think of women casino players. You can make the first move.

Top 4 online casinos with mobile apps that you can play

People are getting engaged in mobile gaming. The popularity of mobile games will stay for a long time. Now you will find mobile casinos everywhere. Here are the top mobile casinos that you can find today.

Betsson Casino

It is the highest rated mobile casinos. You can access it using your iPhone, iPad or Android phones. Besides their normal games, you can also play live casino games. This app is famous for sports betting.

TonyBet Casino

This casino offers Microgaming slots and various casino games that are provided by different software providers. It features both Android and iOS app. You can easily play these games when you are traveling. Whichever iOS device you have you can access the casino. You can engage yourself in sports betting using this app. The Android users can spin the reels of online slots.

Diamond World Casino

It is also one of the bets mobile casino you will find today. it is designed for both iOS and Android users. You can access games from various portable devices. This app features various mobile slots and other casino games. You can get in touch with the app’s customer support easily. You can even have live chat with them. You can track promos and casino bonuses with this app.

Jackpot City Casino

Its flashy design is very appealing. Using this app you can withdraw your winnings from the phone directly. All you need to do is install the game, sign up and start playing. It’s something you will enjoy on the go.

You can choose from thee mobile apps and download your preferred one. These are fun and entertaining while you are on the move. You can enjoy loads of online casino games using these mobile apps.